Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Podcast 1_24 - A Moment's Miracle

In "A Moment's Miracle," I read a poem by Whitman that captures the essence of how we should approach each moment.


At 4/16/2007 9:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, i couldn't find the podcast you did about in-animate objects being "alive" to you, so i decided to just write here. When i heard that podcast i was inspired, because i felt the exact same way, and i didn't think it was, right i guess you could say. But hearing someone else express their ideas and thoughts to which i could closely relate, somewhat comforted me. I really love the show because i am curios about philosophy and the history of it. Questioning life, and reality. I also am a fan of nature, i fly fish and every time i go, i bring this podcast with me on my ipod. I haven't had the chance to study philosophy yet becuase i am only in grade 10, but as soon as i get the chance im going for it. Thanks again and keep it coming.

At 4/17/2007 12:46 PM, Blogger Nature's Lead said...

That was one of the best posts I've ever gotten, thank you! It wasn't just the fact that you were giving me a complement; what struck me the most is that you're a tenth grader going out fly fishing with my podcast. I feel very honored to be a part of your experience in that way.

The episode you're talking about is, I believe, 1_17, Everything is Alive. I'm glad you identify with that. I think it's extremely healthy to hold on to that as long as possible... for it's a courageous and brave act to believe in something that the world tries to beat out of us.


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