Monday, June 04, 2007

Podcast 2_29 - Reinventing Intelligence

In "Reinventing Intelligence," the idea of intelligence is approached again and this time I'll look at a movie character who helps flesh out a reinvention.


At 6/10/2007 4:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really enjoy listening to your podcast early on a Saturday or Sunday morning. It keeps me focuses on what's important.

At 6/13/2007 6:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for creating such an honest, educational, and informative pod cast. I am a senior in high school. My teacher recently compiled a list of his favorite literature that we should read before we die. He listed his favorite poet as Ralph Waldo Emerson, and stated him as "a huge inspiration; plus he's the father of American Literature." My teacher told me that he used to read Emerson’s volumes in college in the library by himself. I wanted to dive into Emerson just as my teacher did; he's an amazing teacher, writer, philosopher, and he taught me so many lessons I will carry with me throughout my life.

I can also tell he feels the need to be self-reliant. He moved away from his family on the west coast to study in New York. He continues to travel around the world and is getting his PhD in another state. He isn't even 30 yet. All the while, he is following his own path; "No law is more sacred to me, that that of my nature."

Do you think he is struggling with self-reliance? Is he trying to reconnect with nature?

I was just wondering if you had the same path as he did, or something else prompted your inclination for Emerson. I enjoy listening to your personal experiences that connect to such great realizations and philosophies. Also, even though you work in the corporate world, and this may not fit your entire personality, I feel you are connecting with your inner genius with these pod casts. I’ll always be a devoted listener.

At 6/16/2007 4:12 PM, Blogger Nature's Lead said...

Thank you to both of you. I've been out of town, so sorry for not replying earlier.

To the first post, I think that's so cool that you'd listen to it at that time. That's such a special time in our busy weeks. Those moments early on Saturday and Sunday are so blissful, so serene. It's as if all the rough gears in our mind, the big ones with the sharp, steel teeth are still laying at rest in the shadowy corners. Before they can get going, we are just ourselves... it's just us, and it's smooth and filled with a deep happy.

To the second post, I responded to your e-mail so I won't repeat all my answers and comments. But I will say again that I really appreciate your sincerity and the time you took out to write that. It helps give me purpose and shows me that I'm affecting more people with this podcast than I ever could do deep within a company.

So thank you to you both, thank you for lifting me up this week!


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